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With a wealth of knowledge and expertise spanning diverse domains and industries, RSMCG is dedicated to bolstering the competitiveness of companies.  Our insights and strategies are tailored to deliver distinctive and exceptional results.

Financial Services

In order to satisfy the increasing demands of future customers, financial services need to utilize technology to expand and innovate rapidly on a large scale. To achieve this, we have assembled a worldwide team of business strategists, technologists, and industry experts who offer original ideas and specialized knowledge in areas such as banking and capital markets, insurance, wealth management, and asset management. By leveraging technology as a means of transforming business possibilities and enhancing human potential, we empower our financial services clients. Check out our financial industry insights below to see how technology and people can reframe your future.


Disruptive technologies are driving a revolution in banks, payments, and insurance. These innovations are not only upending established industry structures and creating new boundaries, but also enabling strategic disintermediation, transforming the creation and delivery of products and services, opening up fresh avenues for entrepreneurship, and making financial services more accessible to all. Nevertheless, they also pose significant obstacles in areas such as privacy, regulation, and law enforcement.


The insurance sector is beset with numerous challenges, encompassing disruptions arising from technology, evolving customer preferences, and mounting cost and competition pressures. To compound these complexities, regulatory variations and new business prospects in developing markets further complicate matters, while economic uncertainty continues to loom in the background. Our team of insurance specialists possesses the requisite knowledge and proficiency to help confront these obstacles. Our consulting services are designed to withstand disruption, enhance customer contentment, introduce pioneering models, and adapt to evolving workforces, enabling organizations to adjust and achieve sustained success over the long haul.


We possess extensive proficiency across diverse risk-related domains, including comprehensive comprehension of industries and strategic capabilities, risk management methodologies, technology transformation, and auditing. Furthermore, we furnish analytical instruments and pragmatic, real-world applications. Ultimately, we collaborate with clients in banking, insurance, and government spheres to evaluate the impact of new regulations and prepare them for successful implementation.


Asset managers are currently undergoing a period of tremendous transformation. The traditional norms are being challenged by FinTech innovators, and new investors are shunning outdated avenues, while cost pressures remain unrelenting. In this context, data and Al, technology partnerships and platforms, have become critical factors, and the stakes have never been greater. Our team is well-equipped to provide guidance on cyber and risk strategies, as well as operational enhancements to help navigate these challenges.

Technology, media & telecommunications

The technology, media, and telecommunications industries form the backbone of the digital economy, contributing more to economic growth than any other sector, yet are vulnerable to their own disruptions. Our mission is to help leaders in these industries maximize sustainable and inclusive growth by enhancing their organizational capabilities, deploying digital and analytics solutions, and reimagining operations for long-lasting results.

Audit And Assurance Services

Our Audit & Assurance Services offer specialized support to the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications sectors, leveraging our team’s extensive knowledge of these industries to deliver high-quality assurance and innovative solutions.

Technology Industry Services

We provide tailored services to a wide range of technology-focused entities, including software, computer hardware and networking equipment, semiconductor, IT services, film studios, gaming companies, advertising agencies, publishers, and social networks.


Our team helps clients in the telecommunications industry maximize growth potential, minimize risk, and gain a competitive edge.


We offer comprehensive services to studios, gaming and advertising agencies, and publishers in the media and entertainment sector.

Private Equity

Private equity firms have reached an advanced level of maturity in their use of technology and analytics. Investment teams are now keenly aware of the importance of competing for deal flow while also recognizing that technology risks go beyond general security concerns. In fact, technology can be viewed as an asset that offers benefits, such as increasing value, identifying issues, and driving financial growth. Therefore, private equity firms must assess and mitigate any risk exposure that arises from their portfolios and operations because harm to one portfolio company also affects the entire firm. As new technological developments continue to emerge and evolve, private equity firms have a responsibility to remain vigilant in managing tech-related risks.

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Health Systems & Services

A comprehensive transformation of healthcare is underway, driven by emerging technologies, changing regulations, and rising patient expectations. In this constantly evolving environment, health systems, hospitals, and physicians face unprecedented demands. As the healthcare landscape becomes more collaborative, patient- centered, and digitally oriented, expert business guidance is critical.
Our team of advisors helps you create growth strategies, optimize digital healthcare services, improve operations, overcome technology challenges, and prepare for the future of healthcare. We bring a wealth of healthcare experience and a deep understanding of operations and strategy.

Our innovative solutions are results-driven, leveraging data-driven analytics to reduce risk and develop insightful strategies that position you for success. Our clients benefit from measurable results and a rigorous, fact-based approach to each project, with all necessary skills coordinated for effective collaboration. Our diverse expertise provides a comprehensive understanding of the market and enables us to develop powerful solutions.


Today, the retail industry confronts a multitude of risk and compliance challenges such as IT security, PCI compliance, supplier and vendor management, business continuity, and location audits. Our solutions offer retailers the ability to enhance compliance, reduce risks, and streamline processes. To prevent security breaches, retailers require visibility into their intricate supply chain and distribution network, ensuring that third parties adhere to stringent data protection protocols.

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